Press, cinema, TV, radio… we deal with planning and buying media.

Media Planning


A creative methodology that is always different from the usual, as in the DNA of our agency, distinguishes the way we operate.

Media Barter


In the last year we have managed more than 10 million advertising revenues invested with the formula of the exchange of goods.

To the typical function of sales support recognized to the advertising channel is added the contextual payment in goods that determine an immediate increase in turnover, it maximizes the effects. A double advantage for the customer, who in this way can also dispose of the stocks.

Last-second package


Direct contact with the major dealers, for the purchase of advertising pages in daily press, available close to the publication. This allows the possibility to be present in major newspapers at attractive prices.

Mimetic Advertorial


Realization of advertising pages, for daily sector printing, with contents relevant to the subject of the magazine and with a look alike graphics.