With Opinion Leader the faces of communication become 3.

After the reign of Madalina and that of Stefania, to communicate an increasingly defined offer, 3 decides to present its worlds (Rechargeable, Subscription and Business) through 3 distinct testimonials: the former tissue Alessia Reato, Cristina Buccino, already testimonial 3 in 2009, and model and actress Angela Tuccia.

Each of the three beautiful girls is entrusted with a different segment, with the aim of offering increasingly clear and personalized communication based on the different targets. The color code remains an important distinguishing element.


Diversify the worlds of offers using 3 different testimonials, one for each segment.


Art director: Ronny Pilla e Andrea Tenderini.

Copywriter: Silvia Barlascini.

Direttore creativo: Salvatore De Martino.

Modelle: Alessia Reato, Cristina Buccino, Angela Tuccia.

Fotografo: Marco Conte.