The company, founded in 1955, entrusts Opinion Leader with the strategic repositioning and creation of the new coordinated image.

To update the look of the multinational, through a project of total rebranding, the agency has created a communication plan that had as its sole key point the integration between chemistry and natural agricultural raw materials.

White and green are the colors used for the new logo. They communicate purity and, at the same time, focus on the total sustainability of production processes. The only link with the past, the boiling still, reproduced within the “q” of the naming, for the sole purpose of identifying the reference product sector.

The naming is also unprecedented, decided after a careful analysis and an in-depth study of the entire world chemical sector.

Finally, the pay off: “Global green chemicals since 1955”.  It clearly and unequivocally expresses the key value of the company which, remember, produces molding and thermosetting masses using 100% natural cellulose, coming only from sustainable and certified producers.