Once a princeling, always a princeling: Claudio Marchisio, always stylish inside and outside the field, “wore” for the first time the clothes of the model in the most fashionable Florentine kermesse: Pitti Uomo. The occasion was the presentation to the national press of the former Italy midfielder as the first testimonial and brand ambassador for RED, brand of the historic Calzificio ReDepaolioni, for the year 2020.

Claudio is a personality that definitely gets out of the stereotype of the footballer one would expect. Over the past few years he has publicly manifested his interest in social, environmental and humanitarian issues, trying to raise public awareness on a now lost solidarity. His positive public figure combined with impeccable style have been deciding elements to seal the partnership with RED.

“If companies want to succeed today, they have to look for the right personality and match them with a good press and PR campaign. While it is necessary to explore social networks to discover emerging talents, the concrete return lies in the totality of an advertising campaign linked to a personality who is well-respected for the brand and the public. Our task as an agency was to have the ability to select a face, like Claudio’s, able to involve his community effortlessly and with extreme elegance. The next challenge will be the development of the press campaign featuring him,” says Alberto Vergani, President of Opinion Leader.

After the presentation to the press and an evening event involving the former champion, Opinion Leader will develop the press campaign and its BTL, ATL, social and PR declinations, which will see Marchisio in a new guise.

“Claudio is an icon of life, sport and style. We have been observing him for some time and we have always thought he embodied the ideals and brand values of the RED brand. A determined gentleman, driven by attention to detail and timeless elegance, able to give our brand the right recognizability, while respecting our history and Italian spirit” declares Giovanni Marazzini, RED Sales Manager.

The PR campaign is managed by Marta Lamanna, Corporate Senior PR Account.