On Wednesday 15 July, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new representative office, in Via dell’Annunciata 27, in Milan, Gens Aurea S.p.A., held a press conference to formalize the change of ownership.

In the presence of the specialized press, seated inside the Reading Room of Palazzo Parigi, in Milan, Fabio Godano, CEO of Gens Aurea S.p.A., set out the reasons and dynamics that led to the exit of the Progressio fund in favor of Springwater Capital, an independent investment company operating in the private equity sector.

The new ownership is part of a rebranding and expansion project implemented by management. A process started 3 years ago with the aim of defining a new repositioning of all 3 brands of Gens Aurea S.p.A. (Oro Cash, Luxury Zone and Alfieri & St.John) in order to improve customer perception of the competition.

During the meeting, data and commercial results obtained by the 3 Group brands in the past commercial year were analyzed; a profitable year that ended with a turnover of over 120 million euros and a net profit of 4 million.

“The growth trend, which for 3 years now has accompanied all Gens Aurea brand, has not stopped even during the lockdown. Thanks to competitive price lists and the excellent quality /price ratio of the services offered, Gens Aurea is contributing to the support of a luxury market brought to its knees by the events of recent months”, said Fabio Godano, who wanted to emphasize the green character and the low environmental impact of the activities carried out by Gens Aurea. “Only with Oro Cash we move more than 4 tons of gold per year and about 1,000 carats of diamonds. Avoiding the extraction of new raw materials, we can affirm with extreme concreteness that our economic cycle, and all related activities, have a green and eco-sustainable impact; taking advantage of the precious already in circulation, we thus limit the exploitation of the earth’s soil”.

At the end of the conference, guests were invited to take a seat at the Winter Garden, inside the sumptuous Milanese hotel for a farewell breakfast. The event, organized by the Opinion Leader team, received a strong media return on the main information channels.