Opinion leader signs a new “exciting” creativity for the jewelry brand


Press campaign, TV commercial, catalog, website, social media: this is the latest integrated communication project that Opinion Leader studied at the launch of the 1989 collection, a strongly iconic line, inspired by the brand’s name, paying homage to the letter “A” by Alfieri & St.John.

To interpret the preciousness of the jewels and the message of communication, the new beautiful testimonial Francesca Novello, consecrated by the Corriere Della Sera website “the Italian Brooke Shields”. In all the materials made by the agency, the testimonial is always portrayed in front of a mirror because Alfieri & St.John “Reflects the emotions of all women”: Love, Attraction, Ambition (keywords of new creativity linked to the brand from letter “A”) are just some of the feelings that a jewel Alfieri & St.John can inspire in the soul of women.

The press campaign starring the new testimonial and the 1989 collection was taken by the photographer Maurizio Montani who realized, not only for the ADV, but also the subject dedicated to the most representative jewel of the brand’s DNA, the white gold cross and the 1977 collection.



The spot produced by Opinion Leader & Mediaset is made in two different formats (30 and 15 seconds) under the direction of Giorgio Neri. It will be broadcasted on Mediaset channels and aims to excite the audience through the harmonious “play” of the testimonial with its own image in the mirror and with the jewels she wears.


For the soundtrack of the spot, the single “Carillon” by rapper Mr Rain, winner of 2 Platinum records, has been reconfirmed.




Coordinated with the spot, Opinion Leader has also created the new catalog with the collections of the brand, “told” through a series of intriguing shots in which the testimonial interprets the different characters of the women Alfieri & St.John.


Also the agency re-designed the graphic review of the company website, precious and studied in every detail, just like an Alfieri & St.John jewel.

Account: Pia Manzi.
Copy: Silvia Barlascini e Simona Melli.
Art direction: Ronny Pilla.