Opinion Leader signs the logo and website of Mental Economy, the futuristic clinic that trains the mind of sportsmen and professionals, thanks to thirty years of experience in Formula 1.

Emotions: Opinion Leader shares them, Mental Economy controls them. The empathy between the two realities was therefore immediate in creating the logo and the website of the innovative gym that trains brain efficiency.

An exceptional ‘personal trainer’

Behind the pioneering startup there is an exceptional ‘personal trainer’: Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, sports doctor and specialist in mental training. Ceccarelli is also CEO & Founder of Formula Medicine, a Sports Medicine Center founded in 1994 in Viareggio for the physical and, above all, mental training of drivers. Ceccarelli has thirty years of experience in Formula 1. Today he is alongside 8 teams (Red Bull, McLaren, Aston Martin, Alpine-Renault, Alfa Tauri, Haas, Alfa Romeo and Williams) and prepares champions of other sports disciplines.

Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli with F1 driver Robert Kubica

The intervention on the logo and site

For the creation of its logo and online portal, Mental Economy relied on Opinion Leader. The creative team was inspired by the stylized shape of the synapses for the design in the middle of the name. The site (link: has instead been designed in such a way as to immediately focus users’ attention on the importance of psycho-physical well-being, regardless of whether you are behind a steering wheel or a desk. Mental flexibility and stress management are not the exclusive prerogatives of athletes.

An image of the Mental Economy clinic in Viareggio

Sharing emotions, control emotions

As Opinion Leader, therefore, Mental Economy has also grown in the top categories of Motorsport where mental processes travel at high speed and determine performance on the track. Professional drivers of the highest specialties with 2 and 4 wheels have developed the training program ‘Mental Economy Training‘ themselves. It is a high-tech path aimed at improving brain efficiency in objective ways, based on numerical evidence. The program allows you to achieve high standards of performance with a low consumption of brain energy, to better manage stress, emotions and psychological pressure.



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