The pilot from Terni told his first adventure in the desert of the Dakar. Opinion Leader oversaw the press conference, accompanying Petrucci to the Nolangroup headquarters.

On the occasion of his return to Italy after participating in the Dakar 2022, Danilo Petrucci was the protagonist of a special day in Nolan (his sponsor for 12 years).

An offline and online event

The event was organized by Opinion Leader, who invited journalists in the sector and connected, via Instagram, the many followers of Petrucci. The rider from Terni won a special stage at the debut, but, above all, he catalyzed the attention of the Italians on the Dakar as it had not happened for years.

Danilo Petrucci together with the CEO of Nolangroup Enzo Panacci and his manager Alberto Vergani

The emotions of the Middle Eastern marathon

Alongside Petrucci were the CEO of Nolagroup, Enzo Panacci, and his manager, Alberto Vergani. The pilot’s words were accompanied by an emotional video edited by Opinion Leader, with highlights of the 12 Stages of the Middle Eastern marathon.

A moment of the press conference staged at the Nolangroup headquarters in Brembate di Sopra

8,375 kilometers in the desert

During the press conference, the centaur from Terni shared the emotions that only a race of 8,375 km in the desert can transmit. The audience found themselves so enraptured as if they were in front of an explorer returning from distant lands. Petrucci, at every dawn, got on the saddle knowing he had to run along a new ridge, between the stopwatch and the unknown.


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