The hybrid agency accompanied the digital universe of NFT within the ‘pink race’ for the first time in history, animating the futuristic ItaliaNFT stand for 3,449.6 km.

From 6 to 29 May 2022 the 105th edition of the Giro d’Italia was held. This year the great cycling classic has embraced a new dimension: that of the digital universe of NFT. Opinion Leader was the creator and authentic engine of this extraordinary union, transferring the ItaliaNFT platform to the ‘pink village’.

Classic roads, new frontiers

Opinion Leader, which for 35 years has preserved a pioneering nature, has been chosen by ItaliaNFT to establish the digital reality, for the first time in history, within ‘Giroland‘, the official village of the Giro d’Italia. The hostesses and stewards of the ItaliaNFT stand, curated by the hybrid agency, enlivened the start and finish of each stage, from Sicily to the Alps, up to the grand finale in Verona, for a total distance of 3,449.6 kilometers.

#SharingEmotions, also at the Giro d’Italia 2022

‘Hybrid emotions’

The itinerant event organized by Opinion Leader developed with a mix of classic and futuristic activities. On the one hand, the staff distributed the graphic materials and gadgets signed ItaliaNFT, introducing visitors to discover the digital universe of NFT. On the other hand, a spectacular holographic lamp equipped with 4 blades with LED lights was lit at each stage, which, rotating, projected the historic jerseys of the Giro d’Italia designed by ItaliaNFT in the revolutionary NFT format. Thanks to this animation, the public’s registrations to the italianft.art site have been daily and constant.

ItaliaNFT is the first Italian NFT sales platform

A ‘Giro’ in the digital universe

NFTs are valuable digital content that resides on ‘blockchain‘. They can be bought, stored and resold safely and transparently. The acronym stands for ‘Non Fungible Token‘: literally ‘non-reproducible token’.  ItaliaNFT is the first Italian platform for the sale of such virtual ‘tokens’. In homage to the tradition of the ‘pink race’, the sales platform has presented a collection of NFT jerseys, logos and trophies. A bridge between the history of the event and the digital world, with one goal: to create value and unique experiences. After all, what Opinion Leader has been doing for 35 years.

One of the NFT format jerseys dedicated to the Giro created by ItaliaNFT


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