The agency involved journalists from some of the major Italian motorcycle magazines for a first contact of the latest Brixton Motorcycles models. The day was embellished by the suggestive (and tasty) location selected by Opinion Leader: the Crotto Valtellina restaurant of the well-known chef Roberto Valbuzzi.

Brixton Motorcycles is one of the motorcycle brands of the Austrian KSR group, which this year has chosen to #essereopinionleader (open link). To support the launch of the latest models of the Brand, Opinion Leader has thought of a Press Event dedicated to Italian magazines in the sector. The sophisticated  Brixton Crossfire 125 and Brixton Crossfire 500 and the powerful Brixton Cromwell 1200 are available to testers.

One location, two focuses

For Opinion Leader, the objective of the event had to be twofold. On the one hand, affirm the technical-aesthetic contents of Brixton motorcycles. On the other hand, to convey the strong community potential that characterizes the Brand. The first step of the strategy was the choice of location:  the Crotto Valtellina restaurant  of the famous chef and TV personality, Roberto Valbuzzi.

A winning choice

Located in a hilly area a few kilometers from Varese, Crotto Valtellina proved to be a perfect ‘base’ for testing the bikes along an evocative itinerary, adapted and tested by the Opinion Leader staff. At the same time, the location offered that rustic-chic setting (and that kitchen), able to express and convey the authentic Brixton philosophy.

On the Opinion Leader route

Once the location was identified, the starting point and arrival point of the test rides, Opinion Leader managed the day, dividing the journalists into 2 groups to make the most of the available motorcycle park. The agency also established a checkpoint halfway where testers could exchange saddles and scenic hot spots where photo sessions could be held.

Images in action

In addition to the test rides, the fulcrum of the event, Opinion Leader has included in the lineup a “more institutional” moment, before lunch, to give space to the interventions of Brixton managers and interviews. At the end of an intense day, the agency sent the participants the digital press kit, also enhanced by a series of images in action.



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