The agency oversaw the launch campaign of the ‘Serie 02’, the latest generation of the company’s products specialized in the supply of tires globally for the transport of goods and passengers and for agricultural and ‘off the road’ applications. Opinion Leader has also packaged the videos for the corporate convention of Prometeon, official sponsor of the World Superbike 2022.

Over 8,000 employees, 100 researchers, 4 factories (2 in Brazil, 1 in Egypt and 1 in Turkey), 4 Research & Development centers (in Italy, Brazil, Egypt and Turkey) and 1 Development Center in Egypt: these are the numbers, and the places, of Prometeon Tyre Group, a tire manufacturer and distributor that has chosen to #essereopinionleader on the occasion of the launch of the new generation ‘Serie 02‘.

‘The future is now’

Prometeon was officially founded in 2017 as a ‘spin-off’ of the industrial division of PIRELLI Tyre. It is therefore a reality specialized in the supply of tires for the transport of goods and passengers and for agricultural and ‘off the road’ applications. The name Prometeon comes from classical mythology and symbolizes the innovative and courageous spirit of the company, deployed alongside human progress. These values have been updated by the creative staff of Opinion Leader with the claim ‘The future is now‘, referring to the latest product signed Prometeon: the brand new ‘Serie 02‘.

Efficient, innovative, sustainable: the QR Code, what else?

Efficient, innovative, sustainable

The ‘Serie 02‘ is the ultimate expression of Prometeon in terms of efficiency, innovation and sustainability. To communicate this product with an adequate ‘key visual‘, Opinion Leader thought of a disruptive solution, which could convey the same values with a single image: a QR Code, placed inside the circumference of the 02 tire. Once framed, the QR Code refers to a video (link: https://youtu.be/WMXDvx4la4E) and to the presentation page of the ‘Serie 02’ generation, available in 6 different languages: English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German and Turkish.

’02 Series’ tires double with ‘Tire Back’

A winning combination

The QR Code also appears in the creativity (poster and ‘flyer’) created by Opinion Leader for the Prometeon initiative called by the ‘copy’ of the agency ‘Tyre Back‘. This time, however, there are two tires marked ’02’. They make up the zeros of the 100% percentage, which corresponds to the reimbursement in case of complaint, through the free replacement of the tire.

Automotive and Motorsport: Opinion Leader has been at home here for 35 years

From “professionals” to Superbike

Opinion Leader and Prometeon also collaborated on the occasion of the Brand’s corporate convention, held in Venice from 11 to 13 May 2022. The claim of the event? ‘The Future Is Now, We are the Future‘. For this 3 days the agency has made 2 videos. The first, institutional, tells the identity and numbers of the company (link: https://youtu.be/8WOSTaAL2oY). The second, more emotional, highlights the sponsorship of Prometeon of the Superbike World Championship 2022. Tire company also sponsor the reigning world champion Toprak Razgatlioğlu and the Italian rider Axel Bassani (link: https://youtu.be/wGNuDkf6__s). Superbike is a category of motorsport in which innovation, efficiency and quality are expressed with courage, emotion and passion. The same elements that make up the DNA of Prometeon and that have animated Opinion Leaders for 35 years.


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