There is the creativity of Opinion Leader in the shooting of the new “Allure” jewels collection by Alfieri & St.John. Gabriela Iliescu, one of the agency’s muses, interprets the visual identity of these new creations.

Allure“: this is the name of the latest line of gold and diamond jewelery by Alfieri & St.John, a brand that has been maintaining the Italian goldsmith tradition throughout the World since 1977. Opinion Leader conceived and curated the creativity of the shooting for the market launch of the new creations. The focus? Convey the visual identity of the Brand and the collection, characterized by a classic and bold style.

Gabriela Iliescu

Gabriela Iliescu wore “Allure” rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in front of the lens of photographer Rosaria Loiacono. Opinion Leader chose the model of Romanian origins as testimonial of the historic maison for her elegant beauty.


Golden frames, metallic textures

The agency’s creative staff played on multiple levels to enhance the message of the shots. In the background, a series of golden frames of various sizes gave further prominence to the precious items, interacting with their classicism. In the foreground the colorful splendor of sapphires, rubies and emeralds was reflected in the outfits, characterized by an almost “metallic” texture.

The brochure

Opinion Leader transformed the most evocative images into the pages of the “Allure” brochure at the end of post-production. The shots also found space on the materials for the sales force and stores.

An international positioning

The Alfieri & St.John website, social channels and newsletter published the shooting giving maximum exposure to the latest collection of the Made in Italy brand. Alfieri & St.John has been part of the Gens Aurea Group (the largest stakeholder in the gold and precious metals sector) since 2016 and today confirms its international positioning.



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