The creativity and glamor of Opinion Leader made special the party organized by Nashi Argan on Terrazza Martini.

Milan, 13 September 2023. The happy hour time is about to strike when at the top of Terrazza Martini, one of the most exclusive and fascinating lounges in the city, the red flag of Nashi Argan is raised. It’s the beginning of the Instant RED Party organized by Nashi Argan, an Italian brand of professional hair products. A party to whose success Opinion Leader contributed, showing off its creative know-how and much more.

An elegant floral swing

The protagonist of the event is the new Nashi Argan Instant RED product. Opinion Leader has created of a special Instagram corner: an elegant red swing, a metaphor for the carefree and femininity of the hair care world, enhanced by a red carpet and a lush illuminated flower wall. It was a success. The floral installation attracted the attention of all the guests, who enjoyed sharing photos and selfies, together, obviously, with the new product by Nashi Argan.


Talent and influencers from the Beauty & Lifestyle world

Not only. The agency took care of PR and digital PR activities for the event. Opinion Leader, used to creating and experiencing glamorous moments, brought on Terrazza Martini with a series of talents and influencers, especially from the Beauty & Lifestyle world. Among these, Megghi Galo, Alessandra Rametta, Giulia Sara Salemi, Martina Trinca, Francesca Nardo and Shaila Gatta. Everyone showed off a red accessory as required by the dress code for the evening which, thanks to the touch of Opinion Leader, was a great success entertaining the guests as much as the… Milan skyline!



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