Opinion Leader managed the PR and press invitations for the awards ceremony of the Motomorphosis Cultural Association. For the second consecutive year the appointment was at Palazzo Lombardia at 161 meters above sea level.

Communicating the culture of safety, education and coexistence, together with respect for others in the field of road sharing and beyond. This is the noble task of Opinion Leader every time he finds himself supporting the Motomorphosis Cultural Association. The relationship between the Agency and the Association founded by Andrea C.C. Ducati dates back to 2016. The last chapter took place on Monday 25 March 2024 in Milan, at the Berlusconi Belvedere of Palazzo Lombardia, 161 meters above sea level.

Press office and public relations

As in 2023, Opinion Leader took care of the press office and PR for Motomorphosis on the occasion of the Awards Ceremony of the tenth edition of the “Turn on your mind, use your hands” competition. The agency has coordinated Motomorphosis’s institutional bodies and partner companies in the various official communications. On the eve of the event, the Hybrid Agency also invited a panel of press, radio and TV journalists from multiple sectors, supporting the versatility of the Association.


The Association’s competition

The “Turn on your mind, use your hands” competition is promoted by Motomorphosis with the patronage of, among others, the Lombardy Region, the State Police and the Carabinieri. It is aimed at Italian school and university institutions and requires students to design and create a machette of the institutional symbol of the Cultural Association. The motorbike was designed exclusively for Motomorphosis by Pino Spagnolo, a reference name in the field of Design. The target? Spread and develop the culture of safety and health in the education and training system, as well as respect for others in the context of road coexistence.

Guests and “Ambassadors”

In addition to the Ducati President, Simona Tironi, Councilor for Education, Training and Work of the Lombardy Region, Giorgio Caporaso, Vice President of ADI Lombardia, and Marco Giglio, Principal of BigRock Institute, spoke during the awards ceremony. There will also be space for sport, as per Motomorphosis tradition, with the presence of Matteo Bottino, European Motorally Champion. In the “audience”, however, the students and teachers of the awarded schools, future ambassadors of the values expressed by Motomorphosis, with Opinion Leader.



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