The Milan agency created a campaign for Luxury Zone TLP consisting in a spot starring the legendary Gerry Scotti, maxi billboards and radio spots: a 1 million euro national and cross-media communication strategy.

Luxury Zone, the multi-brand jewelry store of the Gens Aurea Group present in the best outlets in Italy and online, has prepared a 1 million euro communication plan. How to decline this extraordinary investment and best communicate the brand’s promotions launched for Black Friday and next Christmas? Opinion Leader has thought of a cross media strategy for its historic client, capable of standing out for its impact and capillarity.

The debut on Canale 5 with Gerry Scotti

As a first step, Opinion Leader made the television debut of Luxury Zone. In fact, since 2015, the year of its birth within Gens Aurea (the largest stakeholder in the gold and precious metals sector), the jewelery brand had never communicated on tv. Gerry Scotti, one of the most popular showman in our country was chosen to bring Luxury Zone into the Italian homes. The famous host welcomed viewers into a virtual Luxury Zone shop, presenting the offers and showing the related precious items in 40 seconds. The telepromotion, curated by Opinion Leader, was broadcasted during the program Caduta Libera, broadcast in the early evening game show on Canale 5, Mediaset‘s flagship network.

Over 400 maxi lifts along the entire peninsula

The TV campaign prepared the ground for the second step of the communication strategy: Out-of-Home (OOH) planning. Opinion Leader has created the creativity of over 400 maxi installations. The posters were located in each Luxury Zone catchment area, along the entire peninsula: Enna, Milan, Naples, Padua, Parma, Riccione, Serravalle, Turin and Treviso.


On-air on the main Italian radio stations

Last but not least, Opinion Leader prepared the commercials for some national radio broadcasters. The unmissable Luxury Zone promotions have in fact had an important echo on the major frequencies of our country (Radio Deejay, M2O, Radio Capital, R105, 101, RMC, Virgin Radio, RTL and Radio Zeta), through the radio commercials written by Opinion Leader.


“Luxury Zone and Guru, a colorful idea”

“Allure, photographs to frame”

“Two gold testimonials for OroCash”

“Happy Super! Christmas!”