Opinion Leader signs the creativity of the latest TV promotions and radio spots of the leading company in Europe in the trading of gold and jewels. For the first time, 4 female models join the historic OroCash testimonial, Giorgio Mastrota.

“Luxury”, “Investment Gold”, “Travel”, “Liquid asset” and “Martian”: these are the names of the 5 concepts created by Opinion Leader for the new international radio and TV international communication campaign of OroCash, a Europe leading company in buying and selling gold and jewels. The focus of the operation? Communicate OroCash’s “inclusive” offer. That is, an offer capable of satisfying a wide range of customers, each with their own needs, in a professional and reliable way.

Giorgio Mastrota

Opinion Leader creative team developed a multi-subject storytelling to figure all the possible situations that push a person to enter an OroCash store. The “number one” gold buyer is chosen by many different types of women and also by an unusual customer from space, dressed in a rigorously golden tracksuit. Giorgio Mastrota was the main character, the fil rouge of the 5 concepts as the official testimonial of the Brand, chosen by Opinion Leader since 2021. Mastrota, once again, proved himself highly skilled in conveying with his friendliness the ability of OroCash to speak to people and meet their requests.

Concept MARTIAN, with Giorgio Mastrota and Elisa Mazzucchelli

The female protagonists

To represent the concept of inclusiveness, core concept of the campaign, Opinion Leader selected 4 girls of different origins, co-protagonists of the telepromotions together with Mastrota: Nicole Licini, Melissa Shervy Cunden, Elisa Mazzucchelli and, for the Spanish language commercials, Liliana Biasetti. The young women also conveyed the international positioning of OroCash, which in addition to the 400 stores throughout Italy is present in Spain and Portugal with 100 points of sale.

Concept LUXURY, with Giorgio Mastrota and Nicole Licini

“On-air” on Mediaset networks and on the main broadcasters

The new campaign, worth 700,000 euros, started on March 17, 2024 in Italy and Spain and will end in April. In Italy the TV promotions are broadcasted on the Mediaset networks (the first was on air in early evening on Canale 5). The radio spots, also curated by Opinion Leader, are “on air” on the frequencies of the Mediamond Group, RTL 102.5, Freccia and Deejay radios.

Concept LIQUID ASSET, with Giorgio Mastrota and Melissa Shervy Cunden

Present in 5 countries on… planet Earth!

OroCash is one of the 8 brands of the Gens Aurea Group, the largest stakeholder in the gold and precious metals sector and client of Opinion Leader for 8 years. During last year, Gens Aurea grown recording a turnover of 250 million euros. As mentioned, it is an international group, present in 5 countries (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and the Republic of San Marino) and… also known by the Martians!


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