The agency’s creative team has developed a 360° communication strategy for the launch of the green path “Sustainability Manager Course”.

In the era of sustainability and green economy, Opinion Leader has joined Accademia Green to promote the Sustainability Manager Course, starting in February 2024.

An all-round communication strategy

Faithful to its Hybrid Agency modus operandi, Opinion Leader studied an all-round communication strategy. First of all, a multi-subject Adv planned on the main Italian newspapers and sector magazines, followed by a 20 second radio spot on air on the most famous national broadcasters. The agency also carried out press office activities, social support with sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and online and offline media purchasing.

The institutional campaign

One of the most sought after professional figures on the market

At the basis of the communication there is a clear idea: to turn on the spotlight on the innovative professional figure of the Sustainability Manager, leveraging data and curiosities collected by certified bodies in recent years. Opinion Leader thus explained how the Sustainability Manager is the second most sought after profession during the last year. The demand for this professional figure also grew by 19% compared to 2021. Finally, within private companies and public administrations, a figure with green skills allows to increase the CRS initiatives and achieve better business results.

Different storytelling

The agency used a storytelling capable of arousing the curiosity of students looking for a professional outcome, but also of workers interested in new opportunities, and of winking at private and public bodies that are increasingly attentive to sustainability.

Some Adv subjects

Green campaign

All the communication created by the Opinion Leader team used a color code in line with the green theme and gave great importance to the texts and a timely CTA: enroll in the Accademia Green Sustainability Manager course to invest in your own future, or that of the own company, as well as on the future of the environment.

Prestigious partners

The 70-hour course, now in its second edition, will start in February 2024 on the platform and is organized by A-sapiens Edupuntozero, in collaboration with the MEMOTEF department of the Sapienza University of Rome and with Federformazione ACS and Plef.



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